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Panelflex builds custom electrical panels that meet project specific needs. Our experience and top quality assemblies will offer long lasting performance and durability you can count on. Below are a few examples of the types of panels we can build. Let us know what we can build for you.

PLC Panels

Panelflex builds a variety of PLC panels for refrigeration, compression, plant facilities, waste water and many other applications.

Scada/RTU Panels

Whether the communication medium is HMI or device selections, Panelflex’s SCADA experience will provide the best value and fit for your application.

DCS Marshalling Panels

Panelfllex promises industry leading quality in manufacturing custom marshalling Distributed Control Systems (DCS) panels.

Commercial / Municipal Control Panels

We provide products and services for municipal and industrial markets. The staff has over 20 years experience providing process control solutions and designing custom control panels for industrial applications.

VFD / Motor Control Panels

Panelflex provides and assembles a broad variety of motor control panel solutions for any motor control requirement you need. Our motor control panels meet the needs of many applications and conform to NEMA or IEC standards.

Lighting Control Panels

Panelflex offers custom contactor lighting control system panels for your lighting control needs.

Instrument Racks/Telecommunication Panels

Panelflex wide services are not limited to custom control panel assembly. We offer a wide range of manufacturing custom instrumentation transmitter racks and telecommunication / network panels.


Panelflex supports clients' requirement to point to point, power up or program test their panels before shipping, and is eager in providing them the most pleasant testing experience. Customers are welcome to drop by any time during regular business hours to follow up on their projects.

PV Combiner Box

CSA approved 1000VDC & 1500VDC Panelflex PV system Combiner Boxes. Combiner Boxes can be customized to fit the solar integrators’ specific needs.

Protection Panels

Custom utility and facility substation protection panels constructed to customer specification.

Building & Skids

Custom Electrical and Control buildings constructed per customer requirements.

Electrical Kiosks

We will build your Kiosks.


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